Today, people with disabilities are recognized and less discriminated against than in the past

Many countries have legislation that helps them to live a better life. Many public buildings have been renovated or designed to accommodate persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities can now travel to distant places for business or vacation. Even with all the improvements, it is still difficult for people with disabilities to travel, especially if they are traveling alone or to unknown destinations. Here is a guide that will help anyone with any form of disability to travel safely.

1. Planning is the key to success in any field. It reduces the chances of being stranded or inconvenienced. While booking hotel rooms and flights are top priorities, it is important to notify your relatives or friends in advance if you plan on staying at someone’s home. They can then be ready to pick you up at the airport.

2. Hotels that are accessible to disabled guests
Disabled friendly hotels are extremely convenient because they enable disabled people to move around easily and with little effort. These hotels have special emergency protocols to ensure that disabled people are not overlooked in an emergency. This is a stark contrast to hotels which overlook these issues.

3. A travel agent should offer travel packages for people with disabilities.
It is advantageous to book hotel rooms and flights with travel agents who offer disability travel solutions. They make sure that their clients with disabilities are able to book hotels and airlines that are accessible. They offer suggestions and services that ensure clients have a comfortable trip.

4. Know your rights at the airport
For people with disabilities, traveling can be very stressful, especially at the airport. It can be difficult for them to find the right information and directions. The large number of people travelling and the long lines make this even more difficult. Airports have attendants who are trained to assist those with disabilities.

When they pass through security, disabled travelers shouldn’t be treated differently. They are protected against any discrimination by any airline. It is important for disabled travelers to understand their rights and to report discrimination while traveling.

5. Bring extra medication
It is not a bad idea to take an extra medication with you when traveling. It is possible to lose your luggage while traveling so having an extra medication will be a backup. This ensures that a person with a disability does not run out while travelling and has to search for a pharmacy. To ensure their safety, medications must be properly stored.


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