The Best Free Blog Software for Newbies

It is easy to start a blog if you are able to find the best blog software for free.

If you are a novice (everyone has been one at some point or another), I highly recommend you start a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is short for weblog. It was created in 1992. It quickly gained popularity and became its nickname in 1998 when the internet truly took off.

A can be described as a web log or web diary. Bloggers, or those who write blogs, can write about anything that comes to their mind, almost every day.

The blogger could then respond to any readers’ comments and share their feelings or experiences.

There are more than 300 million blogs today, and millions more being created every day. Bloggers don’t just share their everyday experiences; they also use blogs to promote products and services that they or others have created.

No matter your reason for starting a blog, it can be daunting. Although there are many platforms for blogging, there are only a few that you can use. These are the free blogging software platforms.

There are both paid and free blog software platforms. and are the most popular. These blog software platforms are completely free and highly recommended for those just starting out.

These blog software platforms can be hosted for free by the owners. Google owns Blogger and hosts its blogs. hosts and owns their blogs.

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