Converts and football field goals

The most overlooked part of football is the kicking game. As we prepare for a match, set up our football systems, it is easy to forget about the kick. We then line up the players, kick at least six field goals, and send them home.

We need to score an additional point in order to tie the game or win field goal. We send out our kicking team, and we pray they are able to convert a kick quickly.

Many youth football leagues across the country award 2 points for a conversion and four points for field goals to increase the emphasis on the kick. The youth football coaches have more time to practice which leads to more kick attempts. Young football players are taught from an early age how crucial it is to score a goal and then play in the football match.

The foundation for youth football kicks is solid and continues to improve. A kicker can make a difference in a football match. It is important that you practice the technique and feel comfortable running it during a football live score result match. Your players should be taught how important it is for them to block for a field goal. Younger players often don’t block well enough and simply take the play off. They need to be able to convert or score a field goal. It is frustrating to drive the ball down the field and then not get the ball. Field goals can be a positive addition to the offense.

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