Comparison of WPD File Extensions and WPS office for education File Extensions

WPS and WPD both are Corel WPS office for education files. Understanding the WordPerfect extension is important in the beginning. The two programs have a major difference: WPD is for WordPerfect Document files, and WPS is for Works Text Document.

WPS simply means that changes made to WordPerfect documents will take effect “From that Point Forward”. This means that you don’t have to choose an object that is a word or sentence or a paragraph. To make the change, you can select it as a color or font. From that point on, the entire document will be affected. They are all generated by Corel WordPerfect’s word processor. Stream Formatted refers to a stream of formatting which flows through a document. This program can be used to create professional, high-quality documents for personal or corporate use.

WPS stands for Microsoft Works Save File. It is only for certain Works Word Processor versions. Many useful office programs are available in the Microsoft Works Suite, which includes several versions. The Works Word Processor and Spreadsheet/Database documents can be run simultaneously, but they can also be used in a combined interface. The combined application also requires less memory and disk space, making it ideal for older computers that don’t have the right system requirements. You must run the standalone versions of the Works Suite applications. All versions of Microsoft Word recognize WPS files.

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