Adventure Racing Events – Top 10 Places for Fun

There are many events you should attend if you love adventure racing. These are the top places to go if you’re looking for good competition and lots of fun. These organizations and/or places have received a positive response from participants.

Coast to Coast (New Zealand), – This race is arguably the most popular of all adventure racing events and has been very well received by people from the UK. You will have plenty of fun running and cycling, but you must be an experienced Kayaker and survivalist in New Zealand.
Adventure Racing World Series (UK), – This is the UK’s most prestigious event for adventure racing. This is the UK’s premier adventure racing event. Only the strongest survive, and only the most powerful can enter. You would need to race, swim, cycle and river raft for the chance to win. To survive, you would need to connect with your animal instincts!
The London Rat Race (UK). – This is a localized version the Amazing Race. It’s more about having fun than trying to win. It would be possible to do anything your body can do, from milking cows to eating chilies and bungee jumping. You could also tag two friends.
Black Heart Events (Australia), – This is Australia’s most popular event. This is a very popular event that requires you to conquer the Australian outdoors. It’s much more difficult if you don’t know the area.
Odyssey Adventure Racing (USA – Odyssey offers a great set of events and well-organized company. It holds most events in West Virginia. They also offer training and clinics, as well as registration and volunteer work. This is an excellent option for amateurs.
Inov8 IROC (UK), – A great set of adventure racing events. This competition is unique because all stages are time-trial and you must complete them within the time limit to move on. You can participate in solo or in teams.
London to Paris Bike Race France – This is the closest thing you can get to Tour De France.
Fat Otter (USA), Rod McLennan, a Chicago-based Rod McLennan founded this venture after being inspired by alternative adventure competitions. To be crowned champion, you would need to conquer the difficult American Midwest.
Questars (UK), – Get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will need to use some brainpower as you plan your routes. This race is for those who are familiar with the area.
Amazing Race (International). – This is the most exciting adventure race, with the highest cash payout. Yet, it still ranks at the bottom. This race is like winning the lottery, except that you will never know what producers have in mind for your event.

These are some of the most exciting events you can attend. Now the question is: What event should you attend next?

Have you ever completed one of these events before? Share your thoughts and help others get started in adventure racing.

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