Choose Wedding Entertainment for Your Reception

Congratulations! Now it’s time to get excited! It’s time to plan your wedding! You probably have a lot of questions at this stage. How do you start? What questions should vendors be asking? How do I get the money? What amount of money? Contrary to popular belief, planning a wedding can be fun. You can have a truly memorable Chicago Wedding reception with proper planning and the right time and resources.

This should be taken as seriously as all other important details of your wedding, including the entertainment part. Entertainment seems to be one, if not THE most important component of a reception. While food, decorations, socialization, and entertainment are important, they would be completely different without entertainment.

When hiring entertainment for events that revolve around entertainment or where it plays a significant role in the success of an event, you should think carefully about what to consider.

Are you more likely to find the right entertainment by choosing the one who answers the phone first, the one with the lowest price, or simply because they are local? Before you hire an entertainer, there are many things to consider.

Are they experienced in performing services at your event? This is not a simple question to answer. Someone who is familiar with the business will be a good choice. What level of experience do you require your entertainer? Get a list from past clients to get references.
Who will be your entertainer for your event? You may not know who your entertainer will be until the night, especially if you are a multi-operational company. Are you willing to accept this? This is a question you should always ask when looking for entertainment. Make sure your contract addresses this clearly and concisely.
What equipment should you have at your event to make it a success? Imagine being unable to understand announcements, or worse, hearing buzzes during your event. Imagine your event being cluttered with wires and old equipment. It is important to remember that just because an entertainer charges a high price, doesn’t mean they will bring expensive equipment to your event. It is important to take a photo of the setup.
What other services are available in addition to playing music? You may need an emcee (master of ceremonies), a coordinator, or someone to interact with the crowd. Are you able to rely on your entertainer to provide these services? These are important questions to ask before you host an event. It would be a shame to hire an entertainer that isn’t able entertain.
Are they an entertainer? Are they able to speak in complete sentences and without stuttering or using um and uh? According to the United States, public speaking is one of the most fearful things. It is very unlikely that someone will be able speak in public if they are not comfortable speaking in public. This is an important aspect of entertainer that should not be overlooked.
Are backup devices available and readily available? All electronics are made by man and can fail. It is important for your entertainer to have backup equipment and a backup plan. Ask your entertainer about their backup plan.
What happens if an entertainer becomes ill? All details must be included in the contract with every service provider. These details should be outlined in writing before your event to avoid any problems later.
Is your entertainer insured? Every business is required to have insurance. Although it may not seem like an important aspect, insurance is essential in order to protect your event from any kind of disaster. Do you want to hire an entertainer who doesn’t have proof of liability insurance? Ask your entertainer to provide proof of liability and property insurance.
Is there anything you should know about the entertainer’s additional fees or requirements? Are you required to pay for the use of stairs in the reception hall? Are you also required to pay for their meal? Are they required to smoke? These are questions you might ask your entertainer if they don’t address in their sales pitch.
What amount of input can you give to your music selections? This is a crucial question to ask when shopping for entertainment. Everybody has different tastes in music. Is your entertainer able to cater for those preferences or will they stick with their routine? Is your entertainer able to provide online music planning?

Your event’s success is dependent on your entertainment. When looking for wedding entertainment, there should be more than price. Ask questions, as entertainment can have an impact on the success of your reception.

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