Beauty: The Truth

What is the fascination with beauty?

What is the economic impact on beauty services?

Beauty parlours can still thrive even in times of recession. Beauty products continue to sell well.

Beauty is all about the skin

Nevertheless, it is important to make the first impressions count.

This is how it should be said. Beauty is power. This was true hundreds of years ago. It is still true today.

Men will offer to buy drinks for a beautiful woman who walks into a bar. If a woman is not attractive, it’s likely that she will have to purchase her own drinks.

Beautiful salespeople are more likely to close the deal. Employers are more likely to hire the attractive job seeker than the unattractive.

Like it or not, looks do count.

Beauty was important to women in the past when they were dependent on men for support. Beautiful women would attract more men. She could marry up. She would be able to marry a wealthy man who could provide for her financial needs as well as those of her children. Mothers would teach their daughters traditional beauty techniques long before the advent of commercial cosmetics. Women used simple beauty remedies such as egg white to make a firming mask or mayonnaise to moisturize.

Then along came women entrepreneurs and other women from around the world. They turned traditional beauty secrets that worked for them into beauty products they could sell to other women. They were selling their beauty secrets to other women, which is something every woman should be able to do.

Women’s faces were painted with make-up. The Egyptian royals, nobles and well-off would paint their eyes using khol. This is a mixture of crushed beetles and other exotic ingredients. For the sake of beauty, European women would use toxic mercury-based make up to paint their faces. The Japanese geishas used creams containing nightingale droppings to whiten their skin.

Modern women should have learned their lesson, you would think. To prevent expression lines from getting worse as we age, we inject poison into our face to paralyze facial muscles. You can think of the botox injections that are given every three months to remove those wrinkles. The acids that we apply to our skin to smoothen wrinkles are called dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a procedure that smoothens the skin.

All women around the globe have been willing to endure pain for the sakes of beauty. In China, wealthy women used to bind their feet long ago. To prevent their feet from becoming ugly and large, the Chinese regarded tiny feet as beautiful. Some women have to undergo a painful medical procedure to break their legs and stretch their legs until they reach the height they desire. These girls can now look forward to a glamorous, rich future as international models because of their new height.

Corsets were used to reduce the waist in Europe centuries ago. These corsets were so tight that women could faint. All for beauty. Corsets are back in fashion. Women and men are now willing to undergo surgery to achieve the beauty they want. To contour the body, liposuction can be used to reduce excess fat. Breast augmentation is a way to have larger breasts and be considered beautiful. Face lifts, nose jobs, and the rest.

There is also a return to natural beauty remedies. Commercial cosmetics now use natural ingredients that women have used since centuries to make their home beauty products. These ingredients are great for your skin.

Women should be focusing on their inner beauty and staying healthy.
Beauty is health.

Get 8-10 hours sleep each night, eat fresh, get plenty of exercise, drink lots of water every day, and use soap, water, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer whenever necessary. This will keep your body and hair healthy. And, don’t forget to age gracefully. Aging is an inevitable part of life.

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