Beauty and the Dynamic Dance Of Great Posture

The Latin beatus and bellus are the origins of the masculine and feminine forms of the word. In the 15th century, the English term “Beautiful”, was first used. Beauty can also be described as attractiveness, pulchritude and radiance.

We develop a connection to our beauty through how our light reflects back on the people around us. Our own light shines when we are accepted into our families and communities even as children. We are welcomed by them, and they welcome our feedback. This is how we shine again. The positive feedback loop that energy exchanges creates beauty.

Physics teaches us that energy is mass and occupies space. To create space or a conduit for energy within the body, it must be open. It must also have flexibility, coordination and strength.

Beauty is dynamic and responsive. A beautiful woman or man with a self-destructive attitude or habit can detract their beauty. Poor body alignment can make an attractive person less attractive. Beauty is not expressed through rigidity and clumsiness.

It is symmetrical and well-shaped, which can be described as beautiful. A nose can’t be considered beautiful unless it is compared with other facial features like the eyes, mouth, cheekbones, and mouth. Now we can see that beauty can also come from balance, alignment, movement, and symmetry. A beautiful posture is therefore an essential element of beauty.

Maybe we’ve seen statues that, even though they are inanimate, exhibit symmetry, balance, and radiance in their color features or postures. Perhaps a tree, flower, or rock formation resonated with something within us. This beauty inspires, comforts, and intrigues us. We are affected by it in one way or another.

Beauty is defined by the way light and energy reflect to the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is defined by symmetry, movement and character.

These are the signs of great posture for both men and women: Balanced arches and straight toes. Even through walking strides, the toes remain straight and centered. The kneecaps face forward, and the legs are straight (not bent or knock-knees). When one walks, the pelvis moves in a gyroscopic pattern. This allows the upper body to balance on its central axis. The pelvis’ gyroscopic movements also allow the legs to swing out of one another during weight transfer from Left to Right legs and feet.

One Note About Height and Frame Size: The pelvis of a man is shorter Left-to-to – Right and wider Top-to-to – Bottom than that of a woman’s. A female will have a more dramatic appearance to normal pelvis movement. The same gyroscopic movement of a man is more likely to be “smooth” and not “effeminate”. When viewed from the front, the waistline is perpendicular to the ground and at the level of the Front -to – Back. It is also level Left –to – Right.

The ribcage of men and women is different for each gender. It appears wider at the top because the arms and shoulders hang behind the midline. The shoulder blades are approximately one thumb wide from the spine in the back view. The chest’s top and the top of your upper back are at the same level. For women: The side view shows that the weight and size of the front (including the breasts and torso) is visually balanced with the weight and height of the arms, and the derriere. It doesn’t matter what your actual size or weight is. To balance the head evenly Front-to-Back, the neck appears to extend straight up from your rib cage. In motion, the jawbone is symmetrical.

To balance the body around a central axis, the arms and pelvis move. This creates the illusion that the head is floating in space. The dynamic dance of great posture, which is synonymous with the qualities that make a person beautiful, charming, and unique, can be seen when the head is suspended. Beauty is naturally attractive. It is a natural instinct. It is also a natural instinct that makes you happy, beautiful and blessed.

Unfortunately, life’s realities often cause us to lose our natural beauty or collapse our posture to meet the demands of our professional, social and cultural lives.

This expectation or attitude collapse can occur on a large scale. How often have we seen people with culturally vastly differing ethnicities? Taiwan, Peoples Republic of China or Chinese American? Barbados, West Africa or Brooklyn? France, Montreal, or New Orleans?

We may be able to recognize someone in our social or professional environment who needs to express their differences in order for us all to live together. This does not mean that they are bad or good. It is important to remember that when your body is fully expressive and flexible, you can find your inner beauty.

If our culture, family, and professional expectations allow us to be our authentic selves, our beauty can become an asset for the whole world. We can be beautiful if we are able to accept ourselves fully and love ourselves. Great posture can be achieved when our bodies are flexible and responsive to gravity and size, weight, and movement.

True beauty is someone who loves and knows themselves. They also allow their inner beauty to shine through in the world, country, community, family and friends. This all leads to one thing: Great posture can energize your light, letting it shine wherever you go. You can let go of self-doubt and inhibitions with peace of mind.


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